Katie Clair

Kt with Patricia Quinn, 2011

Name: Kt Clair
Nickname (if any): Kt


When & where did you first see TRHPS?: Cedar Lee on my 17th birthday, but I'd seen it on VHS and DVD a million times before

When did you join Simply His Servants?: Last October, had to take a hiatus, then for good this September/October

Characters played: Betty, Crim, Eddie, Janet, Magenta (not with SHS), and Trixie

Approximate number of times you've seen TRHPS: In theater?...roughly 50 or 06? On DVD or VHS I've lost count.

Approximate number of times you've performed TRHPS: I believe I'm approaching ten (as of 2/10)

What cinemas have you seen TRHPS?: Cedar Lee, Barberton, The Hollywood in Pittsburgh

What Rocky Horror conventions have you attended?: None yet :(

What Rocky Horror casts have you belonged to?: SHS

Favorite character: Magenta, Riff-Raff & Frank

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: Tim Curry & Richard O'Brien

Favorite song in TRHPS:The Time Warp-Riff's solo in particular. And I really love Bitchin In The Kitchen from Shock Treatment

What is your greatest Rocky Horror memory?: Getting married at Rocky :) and road tripping to Pittsburgh in Kev's car


Favorite movies: TRHPS, Shock Treatment, Phantom Of The Paradise, The Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Tenacious D And The Pick Of Destiny...I mean I'm not going to list ALL of them

Favorite TV shows: I really like all CSI type shows especially NCIS, Family Guy, and King of the Hill

Favorite music/musicians: Type O Negative, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, The Who, Tenacious D, Crosby, Stills and Nash (sans Young please), Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Freddie Mercury's solo stuff,Jimi Hendrix, pretty much any classical music especially baroque , renaissance and classical periods.

Favorite books: Pride and Prejudice, The Perks of Being a Wallflower,The Fountain Head, To Kill a Mocking Bird,

Fave celebrities: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Johnny Depp, Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Freddie Mercury, etc.

Likes: Music, Tattoos, Corgis and German Shepards, Black cats, Giving my pets long ridiculous names ( and using them), tea, basketball, staying up ridiculously late, summer, road trips, the list really does go on.

Dislikes: Disney, people that suck at driving, waking up early, snow, winter, being cold in general, taking the bus, fake tans, people who don't watch where they're going when they walk.

Favorite weblinks: www.bodymod.org

Interesting fact: I got married at Rocky Horror on Halloween at the Cedar Lee, I feel like thats kind of interesting :-p

e-mail: LittleMissScareAll.01@gmail.com