Kev Boycik
Director & Founding Member
Master Of Ceremonies

Kev with Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn

Kev with Nell Campbell and Barry Bostwick
Name: Kev Boycik
Nickname (if any): Kev


When & where did you first see TRHPS?: March of 1987 at the Graceland Cinema in Columbus, OH

When did you join Simply His Servants?: After sitting in the audience since it began playing at the Cedar Lee, I started performing there in 1993. The cast at the time had no name and no organization whatsoever. I was one of the founding members of Simply His Servants, which was formed in 1994. SHS set a new standard and redefined the Cleveland Rocky Horror experience by presenting a more organized, practiced, and distinguished show. In the years since we have been recognized and awarded by The Plain Dealer, Scene Magazine and Cleveland Magazine.

Characters played: Everyone but Rocky Horror and Columbia. My performing days are long gone.

Approximate number of times you've seen TRHPS: I have no clue, I lost count sometime in the early 90's.

Approximate number of times you've performed TRHPS: I couldn't even guess......

What cinemas have you seen TRHPS?: Cedar Lee; Coventry/Centrum/Heights Arts; the Esquire Theatre in Cincinnati; Barberton, OH; Lorain Twin Cinemas in Lorain, OH; Avon Lake, OH; Graceland in Columbus, OH; the Cinema in Huntington, WV; the Hollywood in Pittsburgh, the Music Box in Chicago, Denver, Crossroads in Indiana, Village East, NY; Chelsea, NY; and many many more that I'll never remember

What Rocky Horror conventions have you attended?: almost every one that's been put on since 1993

What Rocky Horror casts have you belonged to?: The Lorain Twin Rocky Horror Revue (Lorain, OH), Crazed Imaginations (Avon Lake, OH), Simply His Servants, The Official International Shock Treatment Cast, and many one-time shows and guest performances at other theatres and conventions...

Favorite character: Riff-Raff & Brad

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: all of them

Favorite song in TRHPS: The thing that I am most passionate about Rocky Horror is the music. I can't narrow it down to one tune because I love all 17 tunes too much to pick a favorite. But I will give you my favorite version of each tune:

  • Science Fiction/Double Feature: TRHPS, the **ORIGINAL MONO MIX** by Richard O'Brien
  • Dammit Janet: 1976 Norwegian Cast
  • Over At The Frankenstein Place: 1974 Original Roxy Cast
  • The Time Warp: TRHPS, the **ORIGINAL MONO MIX** not the soundtrack version
  • Sweet Transvestite: Anthony Head's 1991 solo recording
  • The Sword Of Damocles: 1978 Original New Zealand Cast
  • I Can Make You A Man: 1974 Original Roxy Cast
  • Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul: 1978 Original New Zealand Cast
  • I Can Make You A Man (reprise): 1974 Original Roxy Cast
  • Once In A While: 1973 Original London Cast
  • Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me: 1992 Australian Cast
  • Eddie's Teddy: Kimi & Ritz, 1973--the first (and best) recorded version of the song
  • Planet Schmanet Janet: 1975 Broadway Cast (bootleg)
  • Rose Tint My World: TRHPS, the **ORIGINAL MONO MIX**
  • I'm Going Home: 1973 Original London Cast
  • Super Heroes: Richard O'Brien live at the 20th Anniversary, 1995 (bootleg)
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature (reprise): 1990 London Revival Cast

    What is your greatest Rocky Horror memory?: Have so many, it's impossible to name just one, so I'm gonna throw a whole bunch of them at ya:

  • Getting a big kiss on the lips from Richard O'Brien
  • Singing on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas at the 25th & being complimented afterwards by Richard O'Brien
  • Performing Shock Treatment for the first time in 1994
  • I played Frank at a Kent State University show in 1994 & got the most applause I've ever had in my life up to that point. They were on their feet screaming for me before the cape came off. That was some night, it still gives me warm fuzzies...
  • Finally--FINALLY bringing Shock Treatment to Cleveland and getting to do it at the Cedar Lee. Sure, only 6 people came to see it, but doing those shows was a life-long dream come true for me.
  • Singing duets of Kimi & Ritz and Dicky Hart songs with Kimi Wong O'Brien at the 2004 NYC con and once again in the days following The Celluloid Jam
  • Throwing The Celluloid Jam conventions


    Favorite movies: Shock Treatment, Phantom Of The Paradise, TRHPS, The Ritz, Tommy, It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Yellow Submarine, All That Jazz, Inserts, The Rose, The Commitments, The First Nudie Musical, Peter's Friends

    Favorite TV shows: Rock Follies, The Monkees, Twin Peaks

    Favorite music/musicians: The Beatles, Paul Williams, Elton John (only from 1970 up to 1976--NOTHING after 1976!) Lindsey Buckingham, The Mamas And The Papas, John Phillips, Queen

    Favorite books: The Adventures Of Captain Gladys Stoutpamplet And Her Intrepid Spaniel Stig Amongst The Giant Pygmies Of Beckles, Volume VIII

    Fave celebrities: Paul Williams, Barry Bostwick, Pat Quinn, Jon Jon Briones

    Likes: My family, 16mm films, Walt Disney World, my iPod, Shock Treatment, Rocky Horror, my friends and 16mm films

    Dislikes: ALL sports, guns, dogs, cats, cell phones, winter, snow & cold weather, television, Wal-Mart, advertising, feet, Woody Allen and people who don't put the THE in The Rocky Horror Picture show, all sports

    Favorite web links, etc: none


    Kev with Meat Loaf and Lou Adler

    Kev with Kimi Wong O'Brien