Justin Bilewicz
Trixie, the Usherette

"Just sayin'"

Name: D. Justin Bilewicz III
Nickname(s): Jay Jay, J

"My main role I play is Trixie the Usherette and you will NEVER see Trixie is the same outfit more than once. I mean a proper socialite must pay close attention to her clothes and to make sure she is dressed to the complete nines in a different outfit every time she comes out to play with you! Trixie the Usherette is as a wonderful confection of poise, beauty, vulgar femininity, and who wacked out retro hostess glamorous and style has taken Cleveland Heights by storm. Trixie is just a charming Stepford wife who is an exquisite wasp of a cocktail queen who loves to entertain her company with a movie that has been around for years!"


When & where did you first see TRHPS?: April 2, 2006

When did you join Simply His Servants?: December 2006

Characters played: Trixie, Janet Weiss, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Riff-Raff, Rocky Horror, Betty Hapschatt (in Shock Treatment)

Approximate number of times you've seen TRHPS: Over 50 times in the cinema (as of February 2010), millions of times on DVD

Approximate number of times you've performed TRHPS: 32 as of February 2010

What cinemas have you seen TRHPS?: Cedar Lee

What Rocky Horror conventions have you attended?: none

What Rocky Horror casts have you belonged to?: Simply His Servants

Favorite character: Janet Weiss, Dr. Frank N. Furter and Trixie

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: Susan Sarandon

Favorite song in†TRHPS: Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me, Once In A While and Super Heroes

What is your greatest Rocky Horror memory?: Various Audience members being fabulously inappropriately to me while playing Trixie.


Favorite movies: TRHPS, Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors, Clue, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, The Color Purple, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?, Mommie Dearest, Die Mommie Die, The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything! Love Julie Newmar, Hairspray, Camp, Some Like It Hot, Party Monster, Labyrinth, Girls Will Be Girls, The Birdcage, Sunset Boulevard, Shock Treatment

Favorite TV shows: What Not To Wear, The Brady Bunch, Clean House, Project Runway, American Idol, Ellen, Oprah, Sex & the City, Ugly Betty, Rupaulís Drag Race

Favorite music/musicians: Really just musicals but when I have to I like 80ís pop, disco, 1950ís and 1960ís music, big band

Favorite books: I really donít read books but I do LOVE Party Monster previously published as Disco Bloodbath

Fave celebrities: Susan Sarandon, Ellen, Rupaul, Bettie Davis, Joan Crawford, Kathy Griffin, Drag Queens famous and not so famous

Likes: Disney, costumes, thrift shops, 1970s polyester tacky clothing, amazing and funny people, drag queens, American Eagle, The Gap, vintage Cleveland, entertaining, theatre, sushi, 7&7ís, making people uncomfortable in social and formal situations, strong teas, and tacky mid-century crafts and home dťcor

Drag Essential: False eyelashes & sequins

Dislikes: Dumb people, bad costumes, people who stereotype, the color periwinkle, horror movies that involve cutting off fingers and toes, body odor, coffee, celery, dogs in outfits, crocks, crocks with socks, and sandals with socks (Knock it off douche bags!) Very masculine men, the mullet, the jersey bangs,

Favorite web links, etc: www.rockyhorrorcostumelist.info

Interesting fact: I have been on cast for 4 years now and love it. I love thrift shops. I despise the color periwinkle. I feel everything does not have to be perfect but it has to look that way. I hate stupid people. I love all parts of theatre and If you ever have a question for me, just ask and I will tell you, that is if I like the question ;)

e-mail: jayjecker23@yahoo.com