Ed Bobincheck
Dr. Frank N. Furter, Rocky Horror

Name: Ed Bobincheck
Nickname (if any): Ed


When & where did you first see TRHPS?: At Cedar Lee in October 2007, was homecoming night and our group was bored and said let's go see RH, and that was the night I lost my Rocky Horror Virginity

When did you join Simply His Servants?: June 2010

Characters played: Eddie, Crim, Rocky, Frank-n-Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta, Brad

Approximate number of times you've seen TRHPS: Easily hundreds of times

Approximate number of times you've performed TRHPS: Probably about 70 shows

What cinemas have you seen TRHPS?: Cedar Lee Theater (Cleveland), Apollo Theater (Oberlin), The Hollywood Theater (Pittsburgh), The BlueMouse Theater (Tacoma), State Wayne Theater (Detroit)

What Rocky Horror conventions have you attended?: 4.7.11. Con (New Jersey), The Celluloid Jam 2 (Cincinnati)

What Rocky Horror casts have you belonged to?: Simply His Servants (I did get to guest perform before, with: The BlueMouseketeers (Tacoma, WA) as Rocky)

Favorite character: Frank-n-Furter, because there is no more entertaining scene to ask ever than the opening to “Wild and Untamed Thing.”

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: Tim Curry, because that voice is like liquid orgasm sounds.

Favorite song in TRHPS: Wild and Untamed Thing

What is your greatest Rocky Horror memory?: Before I joined the cast, I remember going to a show in '09, and during “I'm Going Home”, Frank sat on my lap, I felt so special that I was being involved, I'll never forget that feeling of excitement.

I’ll also always remember when after a show, a girl came up to me with a huge grin and told me how great she was feeling because I sat on her lap during “I’m Going Home,” and she reminded me of myself. The fact that I was able to bring that moment to just one person is just amazing.


Favorite movies: Team America: World Police, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Wreck-it Ralph, Clue, Phantom of the Paradise, Evil Dead (original and remake), Dawn of the Dead (original)

Favorite TV shows: South Park, Scrubs, Arrested Development, Dexter, The Office, and Community

Favorite music/musicians: : Maynard Ferguson still gives me chills, but Kenny Dorham has some wicked solos, and Jazz w/ Trumpets and some hot, spicey Latin music

Favorite books: I am America (and so can you), anything about the Browns , the Galactic Football League Books and Novellas.

Fave celebrities: Tina Fey

Likes: Trumpeters who play really high notes, acting for fun, the NFL, video games (and immersing myself into the culture)

Dislikes: Bills, stress, and too many other things that aren't sitting in my head right now

Favorite web links, etc: Escapist Magazine (escapistmagazine.com) Great forums, great vids, just all in all greatness

Interesting fact: At my first Rocky Horror Con, 4.7.11., I introduced myself to everyone with my name, and the cast I’m on “Simply His Servants.” Everyone not only remembered my name, but the RHVets on cast were told about that guy from his cast who introduced himself. My official title is now “Ed Bobincheck, Simply His Servants, Damn Glad to meet ya!”